"Sanitized RICO Complaint"


This is a digital copy of the optically scanned copy I made from what Arthur A. Coia sent me after Viara ruled the International was not obligated to disseminate to the members as information relevant in the context of an election. The transcript of the hearing is provided. It shows that Bruno Caruso's representative, Stanley Kravits, was not allowed to participate even though the election rules provided that candidates affected by decisions had a right to participate. Bruno would not have known about the hearing unless I had told Sherman Carmell, the now "finally" deceased criminal defense attorney, about it.

In the hearing, The GEB Attorney participated even though he had no standing. Viara asked him for his legal advice on whether or not the election officer exceeded his authority in issuing an order to the International to release the RICO complaint The Constitution of LIUNA does not give the GEB Attorney any standing in Election protests. He is supposed to prosecute corruption, not participate in it. The transcript reveals misstatements by both Coia's attorney, Howard Gutman and by Coia appointee and "Connerton Clone", Michael J. Bearse, "a legal hack" from Massachusetts,

The author has had business and fiduciary dealings over the years with thousands of attorneys. In his considered judgement, Howard Gutman is the most "obnoxious" attorney he ever dealt with. DOJ doesn't want to litigate with Williams & Connolly because it would have to deal with Howard Gutman for years, punishment no public servant deserves. You haven't heard "nails on a blackboard" until you are forced to listen to Howard Gutman whine, moan, and complain in his high pitched, feminine sounding voice. (Just a "pip of a man" but what an obnoxious voice). Couldn't carry a 2 by 10 but his voice would crack fresh concrete. (you know what I mean).

The Draft RICO complaint as every lawyer at that hearing knew was furnished to LIUNA because of an executive order that litigation is to be avoided if at all possible and that complaints are to be furnished in an effort to secure a settlement whenever possible. It was a 212 page complaint because DOJ is under an obligation to save paper and people do not have time to read phone book sized complaints. DOJ had to summarize so massive were the breaches of fiduciary duties.

LIUNA's law firm headed by co-conspirator and labor-traitor Robert Connerton had previously asked DOJ to provide it a copy of any RICO complaint that would be issued against LIUNA. They surely knew LIUNA deserved to receive one in due course because for years they aided and abetted the criminal conspiracy to defraud union members and the American public.

Daniel Elbaor, Connerton's partner, got the complaint. Elbaor was appointed a trustee later.(Mason Tenders, I believe) Putting the fox in charge of the chicken coup, so to say. How DOJ ever allowed Elbaor to walk into a union hall is beyond my comprehension. Elbaor was LIUNA's suggested designee for the Office of LIUNA Inspector General. DOJ rejected Elbaor for good cause.(did something right for a change) LIUNA's submission of Elbaor is one indication of "bad faith" is its negotiations with DOJ. There are many others.

DOJ in this complaint describes Arthur E. Coia euphemistically as an "International Representative". Arthur E. Coia, according to Coffey was a "mobster or worse". How charitable DOJ was to poor Arthur A. Coia's feelings. Don't want to hurt Arthur's feelings by calling a spade a spade, a "mobster a mobster". In so doing, they encouraged Arthur to reinforce his tendency for "denial", his refusal to face reality. His pathetic letter to LIUNA officials is a better example of Arthur's denial problem. Continually repeating a massive lie psychologically conditions the mind to believe it, (Psyche 101)