Collective Bargaining Agreements

Chicago District Council

February 1, 2000

The reason you don't see more agreements here is because members of the Laborers Union are too stupid to ask for them, too lazy to fax them for free web publication, and are incompetent , too selfish , and too self centered to care about their union brothers and sisters. They can prove me and others wrong by obtaining their agreements which unions are required by law to provide.

The same reasons hold true for Labor Management reports. The web master of was asked to link to OLMS so members could obtain LM-2s free of charge. He neglected to tell members that once they receive them they should fax a copy to 630-604-4496 for web publication or fill out the form in the labor management reporting system that is available by clicking here. LIUNA members can receive an Acces97 or Access 2000 database for Labor Management reports- something the web master of laborers .org refuses to make known. LM-2s should be web published. They are public documents.