Constitutions available for easy downloading- LIUNA Constitutions revised as of April 1, 2000 to reflect amendments General executive Board will make to accommodate the latest Agreement as of January 18, 2000 that now controls the relationship between DOJ and LIUNA

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LIUNA provides copies of its constitutions on its web site in such a fashion that it would take a lawyer or member more than one hour to obtain a complete electronic copy. It breaks up each page into frames deliberately to frustrate the swift, easy acquisition of information by members as part of its continuing conspiracy to deprive the members of information necessary to exercise their right of self governance. In a union with 450,000 members, the general executive board has authorized the printing of less than 10,000 copies in the last 10 years is a proposition one can go to the bank on and not lose money.

Laborers for JUSTICE will provide commentary to the constitutions and will indicate what provisions are illegal, null and void, against social policy and hence ripe for amendment.  Just because there is a provision in the LIUNA constitution, does not mean it is legally enforceable. There are a number of provisions that contravene existing law.

The U.S. Department of JUSTICE erred grievously in not requiring LIUNA to completely amend its constitutions, all of which were crafted by lawyers beholden to the mob to maintain organized crime's influence and control of the Laborers' International Union of North America. Without structural, cultural change within LIUNA, true reform is impossible.

The constitutions do not reflect the date of amendments, how amended or even if they are complete and authoritative because, to put it charitably, the legal department of LIUNA is not composed of constitutional scholars . It is composed primarily of lawyers who would not get a hiring  interview on either LaSalle Street or Wall Street, in other words "mediocrity at its best". LIUNA General Counsel Michael Bearse is an appointee of Arthur Coia-enough said.

LIUNA members should demand from their elected officer that they be provided a complete  set of the rules, policies and procedures that govern LIUNA, including an up-to-date version of the Union's constitution.

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