You can obtain free internet access from a number of reliable established companies like Excite or Alta Vista. If you would like to receive no obligation information on how to obtain a cd-rom that will contain the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape, Real Audio player as well as a run time version of a Microsoft Access database that will contain the labor management reports filed by LIUNA entities, complete the form below. In due course, you will also receive a searchable full text version with pictures of past issues of the Laborer's Magazine. You will be given the tools to fight corruption in the Laborers union. You will be given the information necessary to exercise your right of self governance. You will be empowered and you in turn will empower others. You will also be given a password that will allow you to publish whatever information you want on this site that deals with the Laborers Union. Without censorship! Without delay! You are an adult. Act like one. Become a Laborer for JUSTICE Join Laborers for JUSTICE to get access to semi private union documents.

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