Arthur A. Coia, "criminal associate of the Patriarca New England Crime Family" per FBI agent Ross Oct/1994 memo to White House, reports fraudulent membership figures on International labor management reports when he indicates LIUNA has more than 450,000 members. Question 18 on LM-2 asks for number of dues paying members. DOL and DOJ should indict "Coia" for filing fraudulent figures under penalty of law. DOJ and DOL "higher-ups" (Hilary appointees) don't have "the balls" to do the morally right thing. (Figuratively and literally) Why are we bulding more prisons than schools if we are not going to send "real criminals" to jail. Arthur A. Coia was playing golf in Europe when the AFl-CIO was meeting. Arthur Coia can sue me for "defamation of character" any time and the truth will be my defense. One can not defame "mobsters", "mob puppets"," mob tools". There is a cancer both "on the presidency of LIUNA" and "in the presidency". Do the honorable thing, Arthur, resign before you waste any more LIUNA money. ($35 million and counting). .

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