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Organization Summary

Laborers for JUSTICE is an informal organization of reform minded members of the Laborers International Union of North America and members of law enforcement agencies , the press, and concerned citizens who are adamant that organized crime have no influence in labor unions. What they have in common is a belief in the importance of honest unions and a hatred of organized crime.  Jim McGough is the designated spokesperson for the group and devotes all his energies into educating the members of LIUNA about their rights and responsibilities as union members and educating the public about organized crime and corruption in unions so they can clean them up.

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Key Features

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Their are no monetary benefits for doing the right moral thing and often there is hardship incurred. Whatever great things were ever accomplished without effort, toil, sacrifice, dedication? Too many of our friends have already given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our liberties, our freedom, and our democratic institutions for us to sit idlely by while others do the work."Do not ask for whom the bells tolls, it tolls for thee" If it can happen to others, it can happen to you.

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Get some excitement in your life. Outwit dumb corrupt union officials and the lame brained attorneys they hire in their defense. Examine the evidence of malfeasance, nonfeasance, misfeasance by union leaders who lie, cheat, and steal from their members and betray the noble ideals of brotherhood, solidarity, equality, unionhood..

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Specifications and requirements for members

One has to care about his fellow man and want to do the "right" thing
One's wits and a willingness to use them
One can not be a member and be related by blood or marriage to members of organized crime- a reasonable requirement one would expect LIUNA to impose as a  condition for office
Normal Intelligence ???

This requirement is under consideration to see how many members of the LIUNA General Executive Board would be disqualified if formally adopted

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James William Sullivan McGough.
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