Work Referral Rules as Amended

In due course, we will provide the work referral rules as amended for every local plus any amendments- variances requested by the local's officers. If you would like to see your local's work referral rules on this site and be able to compare them with other locals, you should write to the GEB Attorney and request a written and electronic copy of any and all correspondence relating to the matter. Ask him to e-mail me a copy as your designated agent in this matter.

Fax me a copy of all paper at 630-604-4496 or 847-778-COIA. I am able to receive faxes from 1000 simultaneous users. If the line is busy, have your fax machine redial multiple times. There is so much corruption to report, sometimes the communication network gets overloaded.

The phone number 847-778-COIA is used by law enforcement officials to report corruption and  organized crime influence in labor unions, especially LIUNA. If you are a member of the LIUNA General Executive Board and do not know your alphabet, the number is 847-778- 2642.  I then tell DOJ and DOL what the hell is going on so the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.