Ethics and Disciplinary Procedure

The Ethics and Disciplinary Procedure was required in order to comply with law and to meet the deficiencies discussed in the draft RICO complaint in terms of LIUNA having an effective mechanism to investigate and prosecute corruption .

It was adopted on January 18,1995 at an emergency meeting of LIUNA's General Executive Board because Luskin had a last ditch meeting the next day with the Assistant Attorney General  of the Criminal Division, political appointee JoAnn Harris to argue his case in favor of LIUNA self reform as a viable alternative to the threatened imminent filing of the RICO complaint. Negotiations with DOJ had broken down with OCRS Coffey rejecting LIUNA's latest offer wherein Coia sought to have LIUNA act in partnership with DOJ in eliminating corruption, Coia posing as a reformer.

The adoption of the Ethics and Disciplinary Procedure also provided a tactical advantage to LIUNA in the event DOJ sought  early injunctive relief. Without performing some credible acts to reform itself in view of the massive evidence of corruption, LIUNA would be defenseless against DOJ's seeking preliminary injunctive relief.