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DOJ press release on new oversight agreement

The Information (not indictment) presented
Coia plea agreement 

DOJ Press release on Coia guilty plea

BNA Articles on Extension and Guilty plea. 
Providence Bulletin Journal 2000-2-1

Coia Resignation click here  and here and here

Copies of the 104 pages of the GEB Attorney deposition of Arthur A. Coia on June 19, 1998 that dealt with the car leasing arrangements and kick back scheme can be obtained for a $5 donation to cover costs by mailing a check to 
Laborers for JUSTICE   773-878-1002
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CrimeDawg Reports September 29, 1999 
BNA Article
National Legal Policy Center

Providence Journal Bulletin October 1, 1999 

New York Times October 1

New York Post Editorial with 
LIUNA GeneralCounsel reply and 
 CrimeDawg Commentary

Labor Voice-Coia Retires!!! 99-12-06
BNA-Coia Retires
with obscene parachute
Associated Press 99-12-06

Chicago Tribune 99-12-07

New York Times 99-12-07

Wall Street Journal 99-12-07

Providence Bulletin Journal 99-12-07

Coia to plead guilty Providence Bulletin Journal 1-27-2000 Boston Globe

Any additional amount over $5 will go into a trust fund to help finance LMRDA/RICO lawsuits against corrupt union officials and mailings to the rank and file.

Join Laborers for JUSTICE and help elect a slate of reform candidates in the first rank and file election of all union officers in 2001.Send donations to finance mailing campaign, telephone network, enhanced web site to provide sophisticated full text search and retrieval capabilities to Coia disciplinary transcripts and all exhibits about organized crime connections to Coia and the Laborers Union.

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